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GUETA (Gujarat University English Teachers’ Association)

The conceptualisation and creation of the English GUETA Website and Android App owes a great deal to Dr. Nitesh Solanki (Associate Professor, C U Shah Arts College) who not only envisioned the possibility of such a digital platform but also endeavoured and strived tirelessly to actualise it. Dr. Nitesh Solanki, along with the eminent professors of English like Dr. Alkesh Patel (Associate Professor, R A Sheth Bhavan’s College of Arts & Commerce) and Dr. Vipul Solanki (Associate Professor, P D Pandya Mahila Commerce College), deliberated upon the entire concept with Dr. Digvijaysinh Gohil (Chairman, Board of Studies, English, Guj. Uni.) who not only endorsed the concept but also extended unconditional support to it.

English GUETA heralded a new phase of exploration of English language and literature studies. This invaluable repository of readily available e-contents revolutionised the conventional approach to English language and literature studies.  This transition for the reader/user from four-walled library to Digital world is an important step in the direction of e-content creation and its usage.

Today, a treasure trove of material for English studies, the English GUETA Website, Android App, iOS App and YouTube Channel have truly emerged as a repository to turn to for study resources. A small initiative of yesteryears has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Around 5,00,000 website visits and around 2,00,000 visits to Android App of English GUETA are a testimony to this success saga. 



Prin. (Dr) S.N. Iyer– President,

R H Patel Arts and Commerce College, Ahmedabad.

Prin. (Dr) Sanjay Vakil– Vice President,

H A College of Commerce, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Alkesh Patel– General Secretary,

Bhavans Arts and Commertce College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Nitesh Solanki– Joint Secretary,

C U Shah Arts College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Darshana Bhatt– Treasurer,

Department of English, Gujarat University.

Dr. Vipul Solanki– Executive Member,

P D Pandya Mahila Commerce College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Rucha Brahmbhatt– Executive Member,

Samarpan Arts College, Gandhinagar.

Dr. Nilesh Sathvara– Executive Member,

H K Arts College, Ahmedabad

Dr. Jaydev Bhola– Executive Member, 

L D Arts College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Kshipra Purani– Executive Member,

L and C Mehta Arts College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Chetan Joshi– Executive Member,

Sabarmati Arts and Commerce College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Ketan Gediya– Executive Member,

S R Mehta Arts College, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Bharti Dave– Executive Member,

M P Arts and Commerce College for Girls, Ahmedabad.

Dr. A K Patel– Executive Member,

Arts & Commerce College, Mansa.

Dr. Darsha Jani– Executive Member,

S R Mehta Arts College, Ahmedabad.


Founder Members:

–   Dr. P. K. Mehta, Former, Pro Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, New Delhi.

–  Dr. A. R. Shukla, Retd. Professor, Dept. of English, Nav Gujarat Arts College



It has been resolved that Dr. Digvijaysinh Gohil, Chairperson, Board of Studies in English, Gujarat University shall remain ex-officio Co-opted Member of GUETA.


Advisory Committee for GUETA Website:

– DR. DIGVIJAYSINH GOHIL                                                                           


– DR. ALKESH PATEL                                                                                        


– DR. HITENDRA VYAS                                                                                     


– DR. DILIP BARAD                                                                                             


– DR. NUTAN DAMOR                                                                                        


Review Committee for e-content: 

BA English (Core & Elective)

– Dr. Indira Nityanandam, Dr. Rucha Brahmbhatt, Dr. Nitesh Solanki, Dr. Kshipra Purani, Dr. Jaydev Bhola

BA/BCom/BSc (General English & CC)

– Dr. Alkesh PatelDr. Bharti Dave, Dr. Vipul Solanki, Dr. Vasant Joshi

Content Review Committee for BA Videos

– Dr. Jaydev Bhola, Dr. Alkesh Patel                                                                           

Content Review Committee for BCom Videos

– Dr. Vipul Solanki, Dr. Vasant Joshi                                                                           

Technical Editing Team:

– 1. Dr. Nitesh Solanki                                                                           

–  2. Mr. Arsh Mirza

– 3. Mr. Vijay Goplani                                                                                        

 – 4. Ms. Gitika Pridhnani

– 5. Ms. Maitri Dave                                                                                     

– 6. Ms. Swati Mehta                                                                                     

Thanks to the following teachers for their Contributions for e-content of English for Sem – 1 to 6:

– DR. ALKESH PATEL                                           – DR. VIPUL SOLANKI

– DR. VASANT JOSHI                                            – DR. CHETAN JOSHI

– PROF. S. R. SINGH                                             – PROF. DEVANG NANAVATI

– PROF. SUJA ALEXANDER                                – DR. M. R.  PRAJAPATI

– DR. RAKESH DAMIR                                          – DR. KAVITA PATEL

– DR. RUPAL PATEL                                              – DR. SHOBHANA NAIR

– PROF. DHIREN SUTHAR                                  – DR. KETAN GEDIYA

– DR. MADHUKANT MACWAN                          – PROF.  J. G. KAMARIA

– DR. NILESH SATHVARA                                   – DR. RUPALEE BURKE

– DR. KSHIPRA PURANI                                       – DR. SHUBHA NIGAM

– PROF. ANAR BHATT                                          – DR. BHARTI DAVE

– DR. NIKHIL BHATT                                            – DR. NEETA MODI

– DR. SARVAR  SHERRY                                        – PROF. KRUNALINI  SOLANKI

– DR. HARIT PATEL                                               – DR. MARGI HATHI


Special Thanks to 

  • Team FCAIT, GLS University (Dr. Harshal Arolkar, Prof. Vishal Narvani, Prof. Dinesh Kalal along with students of MSc (IT) - Vashishth Vyas, Hardik Rathod, Parth Pandya) for Developing the New Android App (2020), iOS App and the Revamped Website (2020 version) of GUETA).

  • Jyotish Joshi and Vipul Darji for Designing the Revamped Website (2020 version) of GUETA.

  • Mr. Akshar and Mr. Tapan (Tab Infotech) for developing free Android App (2016 version) of English GUETA .

  • Mr. Nirav Patel & Mr. Hussain Godhrawala for their constant support in designing the website in 2009.

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