This institute is housed in a spacious building having modern interiors that pleases the visitors as well as students. It has well equipped computer laboratories, comfortable classrooms, separate faculty rooms, seminar-cum-conference room for placement activities and other amenities. The library is also housed in the same premises for easy access by the students. The serene and congenial environment encourages the students to stay at the campus longer for preparation of assignments, laboratory work and further reading in the library. GLS University have approved this institute as Post Graduate center for conducting the M. Sc. (IT) course under self-financing scheme.


The institue will be a premier class institution of academic excellence by integrating teaching and learning, advancement of the knowledge base through research. Further, the institute will be a leading player in preparing IT professionals who will provide exemplary services to improve the lives of individual and society.


Give a man wealth, he might squander it. But give him education and it will not only enrich his own life but it will also make him more conscious towards his duties to the society.

In essence, education leads to knowledge; in turn knowledge leads to achievement and achievements leads to fulfillment. Each letter of the word 'EDUCATION' enshrines an ideal, a value. These are, respectively, Enlightenment, Dedication, Understanding, Character, Action, Thought, Integrity, Originality and Nationhood.

With this mission Gujarat Law Society was established in 1927 by the iron man of India - Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first speaker of the Lok Sabha - Shri Ganesh Mavlankar, Business magnet - Shri Kasturbhai Lal Bhai, Legal Luminary - Shri I.M Nanavati and other stalwarts whose foresight and vision have guided it through seven decade of existence.

The insitute adheres to the above mission and helps prepare outstanding IT educators, scholars, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals by effective uses of technology.


A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at GLS University. Lectures, presentations, seminars and practical project work are commonly used to develop conceptual, analytical and decision making skills of the students, and to prepare the students to face the challenges of the organizational environment. An attempt is made to assess the students' performance through a continuous system of tests, quizzes, mid-term and semester-end examination to ensure highest academic standards as well as practical orientation.


Though classroom learning is given emphasis, students are required to undertake a number of practical projects in the different courses of the programme for which the information gathered from business/industry is analyzed and presented in the form of reports.


Every student in the final semester of the programme is required to undertake a live full time project assignment in the industry. A student chooses a topic on which primary data is gathered and analyzed in order to prepare a working system, for which he/she is supposed to work in the industry for 6 months. At the end of the duration a project report for the same is prepared that is evaluated by a panel of experts.