CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity) Activity 2016

“ Diwali Celebration with Kids of Lesser God. ”

Diwali, the festival of lights bring joy and happiness to everyone's life. But for some it is work as usual, the kids staying in slum and the children who sell things on roadside are seldom seen enjoying the sound of crackers and sweetness of delicious sweets.

Following the tradition of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”, the faculty members and students of Faculty of Computer Applications and Information Technology, MSc (IT) programme planned to celebrate Diwali with these children. To celebrate the festival of joy and light they visited the slum nearby Shivranjani cross road on 27th October 2016 on the auspicious day of Wagh Baras. Together, everyone celebrated the occasion by illuminating candles to spread light and happiness in the lives of those people. Everyone joined in to celebrate diwali by lighting up anar, chakri, and fuljhari and other fire crackers. The happiness visible on the faces of these little kids helped our students realize the joy of sharing and joy of giving.

The students purchased and distributed sweets, fruits, and firecrackers to the kids. It was a very satisfying and happy experience for all the students and faculties of FCAIT.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity) Activity 2015

Plastic being the most versatile, cost effective and light weight polymer is preferred by all in their day-to-day life. Despite of all these features, plastic is hazardous to environment as well as living beings. They are indigestible by animals, intake of which results in their death. Plastic takes years to degrade. So, one must use bio - degradable product like paper instead of plastic.

On 15th September, 2015, the students and staff members of Faculty of Computer Applications and Information Technology, MSc(IT) programme organized a social activity assist in “Saying No to Plastic”. The students under the guidance of Ms. Snehal Shukla and Ms. Jenny Kasudiya, prepared approximately 250 good quality paper bags from old newspapers that they brought from their homes.

Later the students approached several vendors sitting outside Law garden and brought awareness about the harmful effects of using plastic bags and requested them to use paper bags. They distributed the hand made bio degradable paper bags to these vendors. The vendors promised to reduce the use of plastic bags as much as possible. In all the students enjoyed participating in the CSR activity.