Kedar S Golvelker

Nasrin Asofwala

Hi, I am Nasrin Asofwala, student of M.Sc. (IT) batch 2016-18. Actually I was very confused about my career options after completing my BCA. I had a dilemma, whether I should take up a job or opt for a masters degree? Finally, I choose to pursue M.Sc. (IT) at GLS University and I think it was the best decision I took.

The teaching methods used here are awesome, the faculties here do not only give us bookish knowledge but also prepare us practically from the point of view of industry requirement. I really like the CEC component here, in which there are components like presentations, assignments, class-activities, programming, experimentation and so on, It is really very helpful for a student to build their self confidence. When you are in GLS, it means the success is around you, Only thing you need to know is How to grab it!!!!

-Nasrin Asofwala
MSc (IT) - 2016-2018

Sagar Kothari

Hi I am Sagar Kothari pursuing M.Sc. (IT) from GLS University. I am happy for being part of M.Sc (IT) programme at GLS University. On my first day in masters, I had a thought in my mind that the faculties of masters programme will be very strict... But my notions were proved to be wrong by the M.Sc. (IT) faculties. All faculties here are really good and friendly. They have inspired and motivated me to work hard to achieve good scores.

Moreover they always help me to improve my English. They are enthusiastic and help us organise different activities. Their teaching skills and explanation methodologies are a surplus to amiable environment of M.Sc. (IT). They have given me chances to develop my technical skills, with their support I have improved in my presentation skills; which has boosted my self confidence. Now I am ready to present any topic at any place without any stage fear.

Joining the M.Sc (IT) programme at GLS University has lead to my overall personality development. To conclude, I would like to say that I am very happy to be a part of M.Sc. (IT) at GLS University.

-Sagar Kothari
MSc (IT) - 2016-2018

Furqan Shaikh

We have learned lot of things in GLS MSc (IT), We are really inspired by all the faculties. GLS MSc (IT) has given us very good environment in terms of studies as well as other activities. GLS MSc (IT) has also polished our presentation skills and self confidence.

-Furqan Shaikh
MSc (IT) - 2015-2017

Shivani Agrawal

Hi All,
I am Shivani Agrawal pursuing MSc IT from GLS University 2015-2017 batch.

I am glad, to share my experience after being part of MSC IT program at GLS University. "GLS University" is a platform for me to show my talents in technical events, cultural events and to show my sportsman spirit along with the "Bright future in IT".

After being enrolled in this college, I have improved my technical skills. The Presentation given by me have helped me to improve my presentation skill and confidence. Now I am able to give my best on a stage without any "Stage fear".

The institute has organized various workshops technical and non-technical seminars which are conducted by professional speakers of well - known organizations and Enterprenuers, from which I have Learnt so many things. The faculty of this college are friendly, helpful, co-operative and always accessible.

At the end, I would say that I am happy being part of MSC IT at GLS University.

-Shivani Agrawal
MSc (IT)- 2015-2017

Shaunk Amin

I am very glad of being a part of GLS University, MSc IT Programme. I am not getting sufficient words of presenting my thoughts. The first feeling which I got admitted to MSc IT was " A wow" moment for me.

The faculties are having good command over their domain. I was not having any knowledge in programming If I talk about my UG time period. But now I am having good command all the basic programming languages.

If we talk about the resources then my ratings will be 10/10. Best Education facilities are provided with excellent guidance.

At last I just want to conclude that I am seeing myself as a sound IT professional in the nearer future.

-Shaunak Amin
MSc (IT) - 2015-2017

Abdullah M Pariyani

I heard positive things about "GLS" before I got admission in MSc (IT) programme. The students here get very good support in theory and practical subjects.

We are given very good guidance for extra curricular events and presentation too. I am proud to be student of "GLS MSc IT"

I am sure about my bright future because I am GLS University Student.

-Abdullah M Pariyani
MSc (IT) - 2015-2017