Seminar on Assistive Technology and its Usage

Faculty of Computer Applications and Information Technology organized a seminar on “Assistive Technology and its Usage”, delivered by Mr. Ranchod Soni [Project coordinator and an English teacher at Blind People’s Association] on 27th September 2017 for the students of MSc (IT) programme.

Mr. Soni explained various aspects of assistive technology and how this technology can be used for visually challenged persons. The basic idea of this seminar was to make students aware about the troubles, which visually challenged people, are facing and how assistive technology can help them to make their life more easier. The main problem, which every visually challenged person faces is to get the knowledge from books whether it is in the form of hard copy or e-book. To get rid of this problem, they use OCR Software, which converts the written characters into speech. Mr. Soni was also assisted by Mr. Chaudhary (Principal at Blind People’s Association), Mr. Jignesh (Technical Assistant at Blind People’s Association) and Ms. Nidhi (Technical Assistant at Blind People’s Association) who demonstrated the usage of various tools like smart stick, tal king wristwatch, smart braille PDA, smart magnifier. The students appreciated the seminar.

Seminar on Data Clustering 2017-2018

FCAIT & FCT, GLS University organized a seminar on “Data Clustering Techniques” on 17th August 2017 conducted by Prof. Pawan Lingras, Professor and Director of Computing and Data Analytics at Saint Marys University, Halifax, Canada. More than 200 students participated in seminar.

Prof. Pawan Lingras began his talk with the discussion on how the available raw data with limited input from domain expert can begin the knowledge discovery process in a number of application domains ranging from retail, mobile/socialnetworks, financial, web usage, and a number of engineering applications. He further discussed how clustering can provide an alternative or supplementary classification. The topics covered during the session Clustering Techniques, Fuzzy Clustering, Rough Clustering, Meta-clustering and Neural network algorithm. The seminar was well received and appreciated by the students.